Usually the party being granted this authority is referred to as the agent.

Attorney information synonym. Attorney general the principal legal officer of or advisor to a government. A lawyer or attorney is a person who practices law as an advocate attorney at law barrister barrister at law bar at law canonist canon lawyer civil law notary counsel counselor counsellor solicitor legal executive or public servant preparing interpreting and applying law but not as a paralegal or charter executive secretary. Attorney may refer to.

A person who is legally qualified and licensed to represent a person in a legal matter such as a transaction or lawsuit. The court would appoint public attorneys to represent estrada you and your attorney should understand your business situation thoroughly before you decide on a license her appointed attorney was not immediately available for comment and most are defended not by private attorneys but by public defenders or appointed. Middle english attourney from old french atorne from past participle of atorner to appoint.

Lawyer definition a person whose profession is to represent clients in a court of law or to advise or act for clients in other legal matters. Attorney at law an official title of lawyers in some jurisdictions. Lawyer a synonym for attorney.

Attorney in fact a holder of a power of attorney who is though not necessarily a lawyer able to act on another s behalf in legal and financial contexts. Working as a lawyer involves the practical. The power of attorney authorization letter is a legal document that gives another person the power to act and make decisions on behalf of someone else in accordance to the terms of the document.

Find descriptive alternatives for lawyer. Attorney at law definition is a practitioner in a court of law who is legally qualified to prosecute and defend actions in such court on the retainer of clients. Attorney əˈtɜːnɪ n 1.

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