Law Degree Fbi

You ll spend three years and 100 k when you d be in a better position after if you had spent that time becoming an nypd detective.

Law degree fbi. The job of an fbi agent is a demanding one. The following are some recommended schools for those seeking a career in the fbi or federal law enforcement. There may be other ways to work for the fbi out of law school but you won t become an agent.

Science degrees in subjects like chemistry physics and biology are also sought after. You have different areas of study you may pursue when obtaining a law degree so you will want to look into the different options before finalizing your concentration to. Among the most preferred candidates for fbi jobs are those with law school degrees juris doctorates or j d s and accounting degrees and a certified public accountant or cpa license.

Looking at the psychology of a criminal helps you understand that criminal s actions but it s not always enough if you want to stay ahead of the latest threats. The degree teaches students about different areas of the legal system and the laws of the country. If you ve earned a master s degree your work experience is reduced to two years in your chosen field.

With the right application almost any serious degree can be useful to an fbi agent. If your background is in law enforcement the fbi requires seven to 10 years of experience besides your degree in order to be considered competitive. Foreign language skills are also valuable skills according to the fbi.

Accounting computer science or it diversified language and law. There are many other degrees that are attractive to the fbi. Getting a degree in sociology is a fantastic move for anyone.

If you get a law degree and go on to pursue an fbi career you become a valued asset for your team. I never said lawyers won t get hird just tht there were better avenues. Like i said before there are certainly a decent number of lawyers in the fbi but the law degree does not give you a leg up.

The fbi requires that you have at least a bachelor s degree and the most commonly pursued is a degree in criminal justice law enforcement or homeland security. If you already have one and hate being an attorney that is a different story. While you don t have to be a practicing attorney to be qualified for the law entry program you do have to have a law degree.

A career as an fbi agent is perhaps one the most sought after law enforcement jobs in the united states. Obtaining a degree in law is a good choice if you want to work in the fbi. Psychology sociology foreign language or law majors are all useful to the fbi.

These cover everything from the way a person thinks to the relationship between nations. An advanced degree reduces your needed relevant experience by one year from three to two. The fbi has five entry programs that you must qualify for before it will consider you for appointment as a special agent.

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